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10 Creative Office Gadgets to Make Your Job More Fun

By on November 7, 2011

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius
“Make your job more fun and enjoy every minute of it!” Coldscoop.

Which of the above is more realistic, you can judge reading furthermore.

You have probably read our post on most creative office designs and I bet you thought “I wish I worked there…”. So today we are going to discuss how you can make your own workplace as much creative and fun as those of Google, Facebook, Twitter.

It’s all about surrounding yourself with everything you love and everything that encourages you to commit to your job and appreciate your life spent at the office. To give you some clue on what may boost your productivity we have prepared 10 different office gadgets that you may love! Feel free to share your own ideas and creative findings with us via comments!

1. Facebook inspired office gadgets.


Be creative when approving or disapproving of any document using this cool “Like” and “Dislike” stamps. I suppose getting a “Facebook inspired” disapproval won’t hurt that much. 🙂

2. Beat the stress with these drumstick pencils!


Tap the beat of your own music with a couple of drumstick pencils and shake the long day stress off!

3. All-in-one office buddy


Among a great many of office gadgets, choose something that you will enjoy using every now and then. We chose this little buddy! What would you choose?

4. Extra Extra… Large headphones


One of the most creative office gadgets ever are these 500 XL headphones that serve as speakers and look pretty cool.

5. Self stirring mug


This convenient self stirring mug will save your coffee-preparing time with just a press of a button! Impressive, isn’t it?

6. Office birds


Replace your ordinary clips with these little birdies to bring an extravagant touch of nature to your office staff and, why not, help you stand out from the crowd! 🙂

7. Colorful 360° rotating sockets


Have you ever thought that probably the most insignificant of all office gadgets can look so pretty and be so functional?

I’d love to have one in my office!

8. Magnetic stones

creative office gadgets

Magnetic stones not only have a plenty of health benefits, but appear to be a very creative complement to office gadgets collection. You can use these stones in various ways or just leave them as a decor element.

9. Office sleep bag

creative office gadgets

No, we are not encouraging you to sleep at work, however this is a useful accessory to have in the office, especially when working overtime or when you need some rest at lunch.

10. Elegant and thin desk lamp

creative office gadgets
Last item in our collection of creative office gadgets is this wonderful “lady LED” desk light. It has strong light in spite of its thin body and you can use it both on the desk and holding in your hand.

These are only examples of what can help you create your personal working environment where you will love to work even overtime! Feel free to share your ideas and concepts via comments!

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