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5 Easy Steps to Overcome Facebook Addiction Disorder and Start Using It the Smart Way

By on November 14, 2011

There’s been so much talk about Facebook addiction disorder lately and so many people consider it  to be the disease of the new era, something that needs to be treated. Actually, addiction itself is a disease, no matter what you are addicted to and Facebook is not an exception.

But let’s not exaggerate things and suggest quitting Facebook as the only way out, because it’s definitely not. Facebook is still an incredibly useful tool that you can use for your benefit. The thing you should remember is to make use of Facebook instead of letting it make use of you!

So today we are revealing 5 easy steps to get rid of your Facebook addiction disorder and start using Facebook for your benefit only.

1. Recognize and Admit.

If you want to get treated, you should first of all admit you have a problem. Know the symptoms of Facebook addiction disorder and don’t cheat yourself saying your case is different. Being addicted to Facebook is not a shame; it’s already too common.

2. Limit Youself.

Having Facebook addiction disorder means wasting your time on Facebook without any specific goal to log in. Limit your time spent at Facebook allowing yourself an hour a day or less depending on the seriousness of your addiction.

3. Distract Yourself.

Internet is such a wonderful invention indeed and it actually has so many interesting staff to read, watch, play and interact! Don’t quit internet at all because of Facebook addiction disorder; it’s silly! My advice is start watching some reality show, sport programs, scientific shows, try learning Japanese instead 🙂  or anything that interests you.

4. Reward Yourself.

Never forget to reward yourself with some extra portion of Facebook time on weekends but not more than once a week! It may sound paradoxical, but it’s the best way out!

5. Feel Proud.

Overcoming Facebook addiction disorder is something you need to be proud of. Everyone’s hanging out in Facebook? Well, be different, be smarter, be free! Be proud of every step you take on your way to Facebook-free life!

When you feel you are over Facebook addiction disorder, start using Facebook the smart way and here are a few tips.

  1. DO: follow the brands you love. TO: get free staff, coupons, discounts, prizes, etc.
  2. DO: connect with important people. TO: reach your goals in career and in life.
  3. DO: use Facebook. TO: promote your business, talent, event, cause, etc.

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