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Another iPhone Exploded in Brazil: No Reaction from Apple

By on December 1, 2011

Seems like Apple cares too much about the design and user interface of its devices while sparing too little attention to their safety. Why are we no longer surprised to hear that an iPhone exploded somewhere in Brazil? Well, maybe because it’s already becoming common to waste $300-$500 for a well marketed “creative” device and have it catch fire and combust right in front of your eyes fortunately not hurting yourself!

As you remember, earlier this week a Regional Express passenger’s iPhone “self-combusted” just after landing in Sydney. The device was either an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and as you can see in the picture below the black glass is totally shattered and the scorch marks appear to be where the battery is located.

Another iPhone explodes in Brazil: No Reaction from Apple

This time the incident happened in Brazil, where an iPhone 4 user- Ayla Mota woke up to a terrible smell and observed how her recently bought iPhone exploded in front of her eyes. Hopefully, she didn’t get hurt. As described in a Brazilian website “Blog Do iPhone” Ayla Mota had bought her iPhone in France, while her warranty only covers devices bought in Brazil.

In spite of the multiple cases of self-exploding iPhones, there are still neither official comments from Apple, nor any instructions how to avoid such dangerous incidents.

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