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Are You That Much Creative to Refuse Having Galaxy S II?

By on November 23, 2011

Yesterday Samsung premiered a new Galaxy S II ad on Facebook, which created a huge buzz due to its controversial content. There are no specific names or brands mentioned in the ad, but the scenario says too much instead.

We see a bunch of people waiting in a line in front of “a store” for a chance to buy “a super phone” and who are happy to have only 9 hours left to wait! Mmm… pretty much like the lines in front of Apple Store, isn’t it?

The ad is pretty much funny; it actually presents devoted Apple fans as some lemmings not able to admit anything other than apple products even if it is much better. And that “anything” appears to be nothing but a Samsung Galaxy S II ! Watch the commercial and judge yourself!

“The next big thing is already here”. As you remember the first big thing was Samsung Galaxy Nexus unveiled on October 19th.  It appeared to be the first device carrying Android IceCream Sandwich OS.

Galaxy S II gets into an interesting battle trying to challenge Apple’s hard core fans. It’s not the first and probably not the last attempt to parody Apple, but is Galaxy S II that much better to surpass iPhone 4S in sales and popularity? Tell us what you think via comments!

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