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Audi is in Trouble for Engines That Burn too Much Oil

By on October 4, 2013
Audi Class Action Lawsuit

According to the Consumer Protection law firm of Hovanes Margarian Audi has been selling defective turbo charged engines that burn too much oil. The lawsuit was filed earlier this week at the California State court as a class action claim where the Plaintiff named is suing Audi (through the parent company – Volkswagen) on behalf of all audi owners that have similar problems.

As a result of having vehicles with defective engines, Audi owners are forced to refill their oil as often as once every two weeks. An engine that burns too much oil can lead to several problems, both financial and safety related. Engines that burn too much oil do not perform well as engine is essential for any given engine’s performance. In addition, those engines are expected to wear out sooner than those who are properly designed and properly lubed by the oil that’s in them.

Those drivers who do not pay attention to the oil level of their vehicle may run into more problems if the oil level get’s too low. A low engine oil level can lead to engine malfunction and breakdown. Such an can be very dangerous and can pose serious safety hazards. If an engine malfunction on a freeway at high speeds, an imminent danger to those in the vehicle and on the road is very serious one.

If you are driving a late model Audi vehicle, contact the law office for more information and to see if your vehicle is affected by the class action lawsuit. If the case goes on and the judge grants it a “class action” status all owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail with detailed instruction about their rights and options.

The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian is a consumer protection law firm that handles exclusively California lemon law, dealer fraud and class action cases.

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