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Beware Google! Apple Acquires Another 3D Mapping Company

By on November 1, 2011

Since Google entered the mobile phone market with Android OS and became Apple’s first and major competitor, things are becoming more complex and competition more severe. Both Google and Apple have their strengths and weaknesses. Oh yes, even Apple, as great as it may seem, has a bunch of weak points and the biggest in the bunch is dependency upon Google! You are asking how? Very simple! As long as Apple is using Google maps in its devices, Google has a huge advantage.

But obviously Apple knows it well enough to take steps for a revolutionary solution to this problem.

Back in 2009 Apple acquired its first mapping company; Placebase. Next year, in 2010, Apple bought another mapping company Poly9 and now, reportedly Apple has acquired Swedish 3D mapping company C3 who was actually acquired in July 2011 but the buyer was unknown. And now it is confirmed that Apple has bought C3.


Actually we can only guess or depend on various rumors of Apple developing a competitor project to Google Maps, but let me tell you what I think by a simple reminder.

Not long ago we posted a story of a killer iPhone 4S feature SIRI and it’s origin, where you can clearly see Apple’s strategy; it bought all rights on a third-party application, called Siri and then turned it into the bestselling feature that pretty much made up iPhone 4S success.

Whatever it is, let’s agree that Apple knows the price of its investments and sooner or later we’ll see the ROI. There are rumors that Apple is going to incorporate a brand new 3D mapping feature into iOS6 or maybe iPhone5.

Meanwhile you can check out 3D mapping technologies of C3 in this video and make conclusions yourself.

Whatever it is, feel free to share it with us via comments!


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