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Buffy the “Facebook Phone”: Everything You Need to Know

By on November 28, 2011

Would you buy a Facebook phone if there was such a thing? This question has become quite popular recently with regards to the rumors of Facebook engineering a new socially integrated smartphone that will go on sale in some 12 or 18 months. This news is not that much surprising, because more and more people are using Facebook and internet in general from devices other than PCs or laptops; this means that Facebook is accessed using several apps that altogether do not support the FB features available from a computer.

Actually the social network giant started thinking over creating a Facebook Phone about a year and a half ago, when a special team of ops was formed to work on the project. The Facebook phone was initially named “Social layer”, which was then cut short to “Slayer”. This was considered too violent and something different but relevant came to replace it; Buffy, after the popular vampire slayer. Who is Facebook attempting to slay in mobile market is too obvious to comment. 🙂

But how can Facebook actually pull this thing off?

After considering Korea’s Samsung and Taiwanese HTC cell phone makers, Facebook is now rumored to be partnering with HTC to build the Facebook phone based on Android OS. The choice of Android to support the Facebook phone seems a bit controversial. Facebook will be attempting to change the code and thus will face a number of business and technological challenges.

We still have no information on what the Facebook phone will look like or what features it will support. We can only guess that the deep integration with Facebook will affect the contact lists, the ways of reaching your contacts (FB messages, video calls, etc), FB features integrated all over the phone OS, etc.

However one thing that is utmost concerning is that Facebook is using its brand name for the smartphone which is quite risky, unlike its competitor Google who chose to use another brand; Android for smarthphone OS. What if the Facebook phone fails and doesn’t find its place in already crowded mobile market? Will this affect on Facebook as a social network? We’re not sure. Facebook has a potential market of 800 million users, so the Facebook phone still has quite good chances for success!

Now, let’s see how many of you would like to have a Facebook phone? Feel free to share your opinion with us via comments. 🙂

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