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ColdScoop’s Special List of Creative iPhone Stands

By on November 28, 2011
ColdScoop’s Special List of Creative iPhone Stands8

Due to the growing popularity of iDevices the accessories for iPhone, iPod and iPad are getting more and more creative.

Previously we’ve made ColdScoop’s list of top iPad stands, now we want to introduce another list of iPhone stands.

iPhone’s functionality is so reach that you may hardly wish to part from it even for a minute and let it rest peacefully on an iPhone stand, but you should never underestimate iPhone stand’s functionality. It really works great in cases like coffee accidents :).  Besides it’s cool to have a creative accessory for a creative gadget. Moreover, iPhone stands are great gifts for coming holiday season.

So let’s begin our journey through the list of creative iPhone stands.

1. Jaguchi—this unique stands are great for iPhone and iPad. This stands are made of polycarbonate and have the form of flowing water. They come in four beautiful colors: white, blue, crystal and black. It creats an impression that your phone is put in the water, but relax, it’s just an impression. 🙂

2. Just Mobile Xtand—this is a solid aluminum iPhone stand, which holds the iPhone vertically or horizontally, and rotates 360º so that you have your choice of viewing angles.

3. Cell-phone Handset-This handset is made of soft resin and is able to hold any cell-phone with its own unique style. The handset iPhone stand looks absolutely real and creates an impression that someone is texting. It can be a great gift for those who are fond of texting.

4. Spiderpodium iPhone Stand—these spider inspired iPhone and iPod stands look amazing. The device holds your gadget secure; its eight legs can be bent in many directions to reach your comfort.

5. IPhone iPlunge Stand—I agree with you! This is surely not the most gorgeous or creative iPhone stand that anyone could hope to see, but agree with me that it is quite funny and easy to use.  Thanks to its small size this device is easy to keep in the pocket and stick to your iPhone when you want to watch a video or a movie. It is funny for a grown up person to carry a baby’s dummy like device, so if you have no hang ups and even can make fun of it, then have one at hand :).

6. Portable Amplifier for iPhone 4—this iPhone stand is a scream of old-fashioned style incorporated to the modern technology. Just slip your gadget in the slot: by placing this amplifier on your ears, you will feel like you are using an old phone like that of the 80’s or 90’s.

7. SyncStand—this is probably the most elegant iPhone stand that I’ve ever come across. This is really Apple inspired design and is compatible for all iPhone and iPod models. Have all in one: charging, syncing and horizontal or vertical “cradling” at once!

So, here is the list of those creative iPhone stands that inspired me to write this post. Add this cool accessories to your idevices and stand out from the crowd. You can also consider them as great gifts for coming holiday season. Most of them you can find at amazon.com. So, go creative and write us if you have any other cool ideas of iPhone stands!

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