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Color Solutions for Creative Workplace

By on November 11, 2011
Color Solutions for Creative Offices

Gone are the days when one-color, cold interiors were the number one statement for the office design. The only advantage of one-color office design is the belief that it helps to concentrate and is not attention grabbing. But is this really an advantage? I think NO.

We live in a century, which requires always fresh, burning, passionate, lively ideas to manage a creative work. These ideas are more likely to be born in a creative workplace, which is full of color and life.  If you happen to see the working places of world’s major companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you’ll see how much color and creativity is established in them.

In the past, people spent hours on finding out which colors were appropriate for office design, what meanings they had, but now I can say that the biggest meaning of any color is its uniqueness and difference. There are no good and bad colors; there is only the presence and absence of color. Choose any color you want and let an office designer play with it, I’m sure you’ll end up with a creative workplace design.

Take time to look through ColdScoop’s colorful office design gallery and get a huge flow of inspiration.

I like this office design based on minimalism and vibrant colors. The play of different hues of blue and purple are just magnificent.

Another creative workplace is pictured here. There is even more combination of bright colors here. I think in such a creative and happy atmosphere you’ll never feel sleepy at work.

I bet you have never thought that you’ll choose a bright yellow for your office design. I also think that now you are about to change your mind:)). This yellow office design with pixel wall decor looks really creative.

Who has decided that office meeting rooms should be always just in different hues of brown? I agree that this is a rather formal room, but I also think that this is the very room where the office stuff is gathering to brainstorm new ideas for developing the business, so let’s choose a design which will look elegant and formal yet original and creative.

This is probably my favorite creative workplace design. The secret is not just in lively colors. Look at the next photo if you can’t guess, then I’ll tell you!

The office is in the wood. I think I don’t need to speak more.

I think now you agree with me. Color can really enhance the mood and creativity: no matter which color to choose just use it in the right amount and in a fancy design.

Now look around you! Do you really like those pale, naked walls? I think no, so work harder and one day you’ll be able to create your desired creative workplace design.

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