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Eyez 720p Eyeglasses Let You Share Literally Whatever You See

By on December 8, 2011
Eyez 720p Eyeglasses Let You Share Literally Whatever You See1

Are you exited to share with friends literally whatever you see? Eyez 720p Eyeglasses are made to make your dream come true!

You may wonder how! Is this really possible? I don’t like to walk with camera in my hands all day long.

Who said you should?

With Eyez 720p you can share your daily escapades in real time, across the web. Eyez 720p Eyeglasses houses a tiny camera to the left of the standard-size eyeglass lens, with a processor, Bluetooth and WiFi module set in the adjacent ear piece.

Watch the video to see how it works.


This is not the final version of Eyez 720p Eyeglasses: it is going to be thinner and with a better video quality.

Maybe Eyez 720p is not the first camera of this type, but I think this is going to be the first for public production. The price is quite affordable $199. The release date is not yet announced but I think we won’t wait too long.

Eyez 720p Eyeglasses may become a great tool for agents or journalists who need to capture everything. For others this can just bring more fun to their lives. For example sometimes I come across a really funny incident and when I try to tell that to my friends it loses all its excitement, but if I have a camera like Eyez 720p Eyeglasses I’ll be able to share my daily happiness with friends literally.

Watch the other video to see the test walk with Eyez 720p Eyeglasses and share your opinion with us. Do you find it’s cool to have such kind of gadgets or not?

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