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Facebook Tagging Tips: How to Tag Your Friends with Any Name?

By on December 5, 2011
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When Facebook tagging in posts and status updates was first introduced back in 2009, you had to put a “@” sign before typing the name of a friend you wanted to tag. At that time it was the coolest possible feature added and all of us enjoyed tagging our friends in statuses, posts, comments; it was both functional and fun! Lately Facebook tagging feature has been improved letting users tag their friends even without “@”; just typing the name of a friend you can now see friend suggestions. Moreover, you can now tag a friend with only his/her name or surname and that’s cool!

But what if you could tag your friends with their nicknames, with a 10-word phrase or with just anything that comes to your mind? Thanks to a great Facebook tagging hack, discovered by a French blog and translated into English by Wise Metrics, now it is possible! Now you can poke fun of your friends tagging them with whatever words you wish! I am not quite sure whether this kind of Facebook tagging violates user privacy and dignity or not, but as long as it is available, why not play a few tricks? 🙂

Here’s how this Facebook tagging hack works:

Step 1. Paste this into your status/post @@[0:[NUMBER-ID:0:TEXT]].

Facebook Tagging

Step 2. Go to your friend’s page and copy his/her ID number.

Facebook Tagging

Step 3. Paste your friend’s ID number into the code as shown in the picture.

Facebook Tagging

Step 4. Write whatever you want instead of TEXT.

Facebook Tagging

Step 5. Publish and surprise your friends!

Facebook Tagging

I personally think that this Facebook tagging hack will sooner or later be banned by Facebook, so give it a try as long as you can! As you remember from our earlier post, you can post status updates 63,206 characters long, so now you can write an entire blog post referring to your friends in your exclusive writing style! 🙂

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