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Get a Personalized Morning Paper with Little Printer by BERG

By on November 30, 2011

Seems like the whole world is moving from print and material things to digital and online lifestyle and it comes as an obvious and anticipated change, but only not for this cute Little Printer, engineered to keep you in touch with reality via small personalized receipt-sized newspaper. Little Printer is designed by UK tech company BERG CLOUD and presents a one-of-a-kind square printing device which itself is inkless and produces thermal black-and-white text and graphics.

Little printer is designed to search the web using predefined criteria then print out a small cash receipt-like mini newspaper. Users of this funny little device don’t need any computer connection; it works entirely via cloud-based system, using their smartphones (Android or iPhone). They will only need to tell the Little Printer what type of content to gather and that’s it! The only disadvantage is probably the number of partner services which is limited to only 5, including; Arup professional services, Foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike.

The Little Printer anyway can get you quite useful and interesting news articles, weather reports, daily puzzles, pictures of the day, to-do-lists, etc. All these will be printed and freshly delivered to your morning coffee table with just a push of a small button located on the top of the printer.

If you liked this retro-inspired piece of modern technology, join BERG mailing list to get news on when and where you’ll be able to purchase the Little Printer. There is still no information about pricing. BERG will start accepting preorders in 2012, when the device launches as “beta” product.


Though obviously the Little Printer is not intended to beam with high functionality and to be marketed as an extremely necessary device for everyday life, it is still a thing that many of us would love to have at home to enjoy real, paper-based news and it will surely entice the gadget geeks!

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