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Google+ Brand Pages vs Facebook Fan Pages

By on November 9, 2011
Google Brand Pages vs Facebook Fan Pages

It is difficult to convince 750 million Facebook users turn to Google+, but the same is not true about businesses. As soon as online advertisement is very popular nowadays, businesses are using every single opportunity to reach the clients. But first of all Google plus should prove that the money and time invested in it are worth the result.

Google plus brand pages have all the major features that Facebook fan pages are suggesting, only in different terminology:

  • Facebook has like button—Google plus has +1 button
  • Facebook has video chat and group chat with Skype—Google+ has Hangouts
  • Facebook has smart friends list—Google plus has circles

The advantages of Google plus brand pages become even more compatible by integrating the major features of the parent company. These features include:

  • Direct connect from Google search. This means you can simply add ‘+’ before your search term and Google will take you to your favorite brand’s Google plus page.
  • Integration of Google Analytics: Though now Facebook fan pages have a feature of “Impressions” and “Feedbacks” but all of us know how detailed is Google Analytics, it gives full metrics like time spent on page, top content, referring sites and geographic information. This way brands have deep insight info about their fans and their behavior.

Google plus brand pages can be created in 5 categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports
  • Other

Facebook fan pages can be created in 6 categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

So these are the main parallels taken between Facebook fan pages and Google brand pages. I’d like to inform you that now all businesses can create their Google plus brand pages (it was limited on the first launch day), so try out and see whether it works for you as good as Facebook does or not.

I don’t know how realistic Mark Zuckerberg was when saying that Google+ is just “their own little version of Facebook”, but I think that with the tremendous resources that Google has, it won’t stay where it is. As it was stated in googleblog “we have miles to go before we sleep”.

Anyway, you have nothing to lose trying to benefit from both of them, so have your own experience and don’t forget to share with us.

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