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Google Chrome and GMail: Now Much Prettier Than Ever

By on October 26, 2011
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Google continues to prove its user-oriented approach to its products by introducing some great design and functional changes in Google Chrome and Gmail.

First of all let’s take a look at two major changes in Google Chrome web browser. Now we have a new “New Tab” with two sections available; one for the apps and extensions and another one for most visited sites.


In Apps section you will see all the apps and extensions you have installed in Google Chrome browser. You can now reorder app icons for your convenience and remove unnecessary apps by clicking and dragging them into a “Remove from Chrome” box in the lower right corner of the browser. This is a very handy feature that makes using apps and extensions much easier and faster.

Most Visited

In Most Visited section you have 8 most visited websites, which you can also remove from Google Chrome by clicking and dragging to the same box in the lower right corner. But the greatest invention in updated Chrome is “Recently Closed” box in the lower right of the page enabling you to easily find and restore any of the 9 recently closed tabs.

You can easily navigate through the sections, as shown in the promo video and you can also change the sections’ labels by double clicking them and typing whatever you want.

Now let’s pass on to Gmail interface changes that were accidentally unveiled to the public a bit earlier than planned. The leaked video has been immediately blocked by Google, but we’ve managed to grasp some of the core changes that are coming up.


The future update will make Gmail proportionally resize to fit the browser window improving the navigation for every screen size. The mail search will also be improved adding customized search by sender, receiver address, subject and even particular keywords.


New Gmail will have a better conversation view allowing users to easily find particular messages in the whole thread.

Above all these functional changes, Gmail will look much prettier and will be more customizable to meet every user’s needs and wants.

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