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How to “Survive” Black Friday 2011 and Get the Best Deals?

By on November 22, 2011
Black Friday Shopping

No, this is not a shot from “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations, not even a shot from “2012” movie. This is Black Friday; the day when Christmas shopping craze officially starts, the day when people literally storm the most popular shopping stores and empty their wallets and credit cards, the day when those shopping stores earn millions, if not billions!  And this year’s Black Friday is not going to be an exception.

For Black Friday veterans the day after Thanksgiving is the most expected event throughout the year, but for the ones who do not have much experience in shopping craze or who fear to accidentally get trampled, Black Friday may even be annoying.

So, how can you survive through upcoming shopping frenzy?

1. Plan

If you are brave enough to shop on Black Friday, then make sure to be prepared. Start planning much earlier. Start a wish list and fill it with everything you want and can afford to buy.

Tip: Consider that you may spend much more than you expect without even noticing, so set a budget and take the rest of the money off the credit card!

2. Research

Most of the stores start their promotional campaigns early enough for you to do a little research and check for the prices and best deals at every store. Go through your list and find best offers for every item.

Tip: If there’s a slight difference in prices you’d better shop most of the list in the same store than rush from one corner of the city to the other through all of the traffic jams that are anticipated on Black Friday!

3. Route

When you already know where to shop, you must plan your route in order to save time and manage everything you’ve planned. Plan your route the shortest possible way and consider that streets are going to be three times more crowded on Black Friday.

Tip: Shopping veterans are more likely to have already occupied the most popular stores with tent camps, so consider spending a few hours in the lines and ask yourself if the item you want is worth it.

4. Shop Online

On Black Friday many shopping stores offer special deals and sales for online shoppers as well, so if after all you decide to stay at home and set yourself higher than this hazardous display of unrestrained consumption, you can still get some good deals online.

Tip: Be careful not to destroy your well-planned Black Friday shopping due to high shipping charges.

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