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iPhone 5C – What it Really Is

By on September 10, 2013
Apple iPhone 5C

Take the iPhone 5, add color options, take $100 of = iPhone 5C. Apple did not make a cheap iPhone, it found a way to sell you the iPhone 5 for $100 less. In addition, it takes the latest iPod Touch and turns it into a phone. Nice move but I am not impressed.

iPhones target a set market, but introducing a “less expensive” model Apple is targeting a consumer segment that would otherwise buy an iPhone that is a generation older. I think it is a clever move to keep the sale volume of older generation phones up.

I still think that the segment of “true” less expensive smartphone buyers is a great target to increase your user base. Apple should really consider going after the consumers who buy the Google Nexus 4. Compared to most Android devices iPhones and iPads are pretty expensive.

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