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Likester Affinities: A New Facebook App for Likeaholics

By on November 24, 2011

As we already know, after the launch of Google Plus Facebook has changed a lot borrowing some of the greatest features of its competitor. But one thing Facebook still lacks is the high quality search engine incorporated directly into the social network. Google Plus has Sparks, which helps you search your interests and discover useful info directly from your Google Plus profile. Maybe someday we’ll enjoy this feature on Facebook too. Meanwhile Likester Affinities Facebook app tries to fill the gap.

Likester, “The global popularity engine” as they call themselves, is a start up out of Seattle, which was first launched in April 2011 offering a detailed analysis of your likes and likes of your friends.

Recently Likester has debuted a new Facebook app called Likester Affinities. The app analyzes your profile information and/or your likes and recommends you what other pages you may like categorizing them into separate sections, including; attractions, bars, movies, books, etc.

This new Facebook app offers the following features;

–       My recommendations. Analyzing your likes and overall profile information, Likester Affinities suggests different pages that you may also like.

–        My friends. Based upon your friends’ likes Likester Affinities suggests pages your friends may like and offers you to post recommendations on their walls.

–          My Likes. The app shows you all of the pages you have liked on Facebook so far.

–          Quizzes. Likester generates short quizzes testing your knowledge of what your friends like and offers you to post the answers on their walls.

–        My answers. The Facebook app collects all of the answers your friends have given in Likester Affinities quizzes.

Well, Likester has a strong potential of becoming something bigger than an ordinary Facebook app, upgrading their algorithms up to a highly sophisticated “likes” search engine. But for now you can give it a try and leave feedback via comments.

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