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New Google Search App for iPad: Who is More Disappointed?

By on December 5, 2011
New Google Search App for iPad Who is More Disappointed1

In late November Google launched its new Google search app for iPad. On the one hand the great features of new search app make Apple iPad more compatible (but think twice before believing in this, why Google would make such a big service to its competitor?), on the other hand this way Google tries to have privilege over Apple in the competitor’s own home.  In reality Google claims to come away with Apple’s default browser–Safari. I don’t know when Google will release Chrome for the iPad, but I’m sure that all these are done to make essential conditions for the successful release of Chrome for Apple iPad.

But let’s leave this apart and see what features are included in the new Google search app for iPad.

Now Google search app for iPad is

More interactive: Searching becomes faster and more interactive with Google Instant. As soon as you start searching Google displays results and you don’t even need to press the search button.

More visual: Viewing images are now more vivid. You can expand them or swipe through the carousel to see other similar images.

More sociable: You can easily recommend and share content with others on Google+.

 Easier: The Visual Search History feature Google search app for iPad allows you to swipe left and right through web pages and web sites you’ve visited.

But all these features will fade out in front of your eyes when I announce its brand new feature—voice search for iPad. You can speak your search text directly into the iPad’s microphone and it’ll bring results. It is something like iPhone’s Siri personal AI assistant, but only not that reliable. Siri supports natural language; while Google’s voice search supports only robotic commands.  Whatever, this is a great feature and needs some development.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

I still wonder why Google released voice search for iPad, while making it for android tablet would make it more compatible.

You can think whatever you want but I stick to believe that it is only Apple who knows how to market products. When Apple released iPhone 4S, there was a massive disappointment, everybody had been waiting for iPhone 5.  The device didn’t have much to set it apart from the iPhone 4 but it was sold successfully thanks to Siri: the same could be done with android tablet with Google’s voice search, but they didn’t, gaining the disappointment of those who bought android tablets.


I think Google puts more attention on the competition than on the needs of its users.

Now what do YOU think: Who is more disappointed?

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