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Nissan Nismo Smartwatch

By on September 9, 2013
Nissan Nismo

Nissan, at least for now, has killed the Galaxy Gear with its¬†Nissan Nismo Smartwatch by making it, well, useful and compatible and targeted…

I can easily see Nismo gain popularity really fast if Nissan continues to play right. The product has a clear function, clearly targets a market segment it needs, has useful features all designed for THAT segment. The most important part is that the watch is compatible with iPhones and most likely Android phones.

What was Samsung thinking when they released the Gear? I really do not know. Giving it away for free with Galaxy Note III is not a good enough reason to launch a product in my opinion. A product that work with ONLY that device? I guess they have no other option that to give it away.

Here is the video!

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