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Say Goodbye to Google Wave and 6 More Failed Google Products

By on November 25, 2011

Alongside a number of highly successful Google products, like Google Maps, Google Earth, Chrome, Gmail and, why not, Google search itself, there are surely a few products that we may call a result of over-creative thinking of Google’s engineers. These products do have some useful features and I believe that if Google truly wanted to promote them, they would’ve had success too. But as it is stated in Google’s official blog “Overall, our aim is to build a simpler, more intuitive, truly beautiful Google user experience”  and if some of Google products do not contribute to this aim, C’est la vie

During this year’s off-season cleaning, the search giant is shutting down a number of Google products, including;

–          Google Bookmarks Lists

–          Google Friend Connect

–          Google Gears

–          Google Search Timeline

–          Google Wave

–          Knol

–          Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal (RE<C)

I bet you haven’t even heard of some of these Google products and it’s not surprising, because Google stopped developing most of the listed projects quite a long time ago. Anyway, Google is not killing the ideas behind these projects; they are being integrated into other Google products that have bigger potential for growth and success.

For example, Google Gears, which was initially developed as a browser extension for creating offline web applications, will no longer be available for download later in December 2011, but Google is working on incorporating offline capabilities into HTML5 and has made a lot of progress.

Google Wave is also one of the failed Google products, though I personally have been using it for a while and find it quite handy. But for the ones like me, Google offers a couple of substitutes like Apache Wave and Walkaround supporting the same technology. Google Wave is scheduled to be turned off completely on 30 April next year, so that you can manage to export your files by then.

However, it’s always good to keep your “house” clean and get rid of useless staff especially before Christmas. So let’s wait and see what other Google products are coming up for Christmas.

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