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The New Google Bar Goes Live

By on December 1, 2011
The New Google Bar Goes Live

The next stage of redesign took us to the release of new Google bar. This redesign is nothing major but just a bit of a makeover for the Google search page, but the die-hard Google users began immediately to complain even though they haven’t yet got updated their new Google bar.

Before introducing the features of new Google bar I want to ask those “Google conservatives:” “Would you really want Google to have the search bar we had in 1997?” I want to remind you that it looked something like this.

If not, then please let it get better!

Here is how Google bar looks now.

What Google has changed is just a vertical drop-down Google menu nested under the Google logo instead of the horizontal black bar at the top of the page.

In the new Google bar you can find the mostly used Google products like search, images, maps, YouTube, news, Gmail, documents. If you want additional properties just click on “More.” To display the drop down menu you should either hover over the Google logo or click on it.

Another interesting thing about new Google bar is the new top right side. Here you can have your own picture for your account management. In the left to it is the + Share botton, which enables you to share whatever you want and whenever you want if you’re on a Google site.

Here is what you should know unless to get use of new Google bar. Want more? Watch this quick video.

Update your new Google bar and write us what you think about it. If it is really bad then let Google know about it via our blog comments. Remember that your voice is important for Google, not because they love you, but because it is you who creates their business!

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