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Think Insights: Google’s Gift for Digital Marketers and Data Addicts

By on November 10, 2011

Google knows everything. If you still doubt, take a look at this new product by Google that has everything a digital marketer needs to research, study and implement! It’s absolutely amazing how Google fills the gaps of our wants and needs by every next product it announces. This time it is Think Insights project; an ultimate toolkit for digital marketers, researchers and just data addicts looking for some cool infographics to share on their blogs.

Think Insights is a combination of current Google tools like adwords, insights and a few great new tools like search stories video creator, search ads video editor, chart creator, etc. Even if you don’t use it on a professional level there is a plenty of interesting staff to play with.

Think Insights Offers 5 Sections

Latest Insights– a collection of short informational videos and interactive infographics with concise and profound data on different topics, including; 5 Truths of African-American Digital Consumers, Learnings from Holiday 2010 for 2011.

Research Library-an encyclopedia of custom research from Google and select partners, case studies, interviews with thought leaders, soundbites and many more. All of the studies are completely free and downloadable in pdf and/or ppt format.

Planning Tools-a bunch of useful tools designed to arm digital marketers with core insights and data. These tools include 3 search tools, display benchmark tools and many more.

Facts and Stats– a collection of concise stats and facts on different fields and industries.

Thinking Ahead-articles on emerging digital trends that are believed to shape the future.

Think Insights is forward-thinking and rooted in data”.This is said in Google’s official blog and we totally agree. Think Insights is revolutionary in its approach to research and study tools. If other tools like Google Adwords and Google Insights are based on data collected inside Google’s network, Think Insights contains valuable information both from inside and outside Google. In order to provide more profound information and statistics on several topics, Google has teamed up with a few research centers like Baby Center and OTX research, Mobile Marketing Association, etc.

Here’s one of the latest insights covering “How and why do moms use web search?”

Think Insights is loaded with tons of useful and interesting data like this and you should definitely take a moment and play with it. I would personally advise starting with search stories video creator.

Evaluating the huge potential of Think Insights project, we can clearly see it growing much bigger over time and becoming an enormous source for valuable stats and data that can be found nowhere else.

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