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Top 3 Horror Video Games of All Times

By on October 31, 2011
Top 3 Horror Video Games

Well, we are in the hot season of horror video games. Halloween season is the best time to remember those frightful games which you both love and hate to play.

While you’re celebrating your holiday, I’m sitting here to make a top list of horror video games that will help you to make your Halloween experience different.

A few years ago we used to gather with friends on Halloween and to watch a good horror movie, but things are different now. Horror video games make you feel yourself to be the hero and this makes the scary feelings even sharper.

Dead space

Dead space is one of the scariest horror video games I have ever played. If you come to see the movie “Event Horizon” and like it, then you’ll surely enjoy this game. The game is set on a giant mining ship with a barely living crew. You soon find out that every crewmember has mutated into a violent monster. Here it stays up to you whether to rescue the ship and the woman you’re in love with or not. It is not the loud noises and flashing images that make the game scary but the tense atmosphere. This is not a war to win but war to survive.

Penumbra: Black Plague

I’m getting mad with those adventure horror video games like Penumbra: Black Plague. No, it is not about black penumbra. You’re exploring what has happened to the staff of ruined research facility where all were either killed or turned into zombie. During the whole game you’ll find yourself in mystery trying to solve dozens of puzzles.


Silent Hill 2

I think there is no top list of horror video games without Silent Hill. The success of this video game is not in realistic graphics and visuals but in true psychological horror. The hero James Sunderland receives a letter from his dead wife drawing him to the titular town. I don’t want to speak much about this, just start playing and nothing can convince you to leave it aside unless you finish.

Silent Hill is a series with a long history, but I’m only highlighting the second game simply because it is the best and scariest.

There are hundreds of PC horror video games, but the games in this list will keep you in scare from start to finish.

Do you have your favorite list of horror video games? Share with us!

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