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WordPress 3.3: Top 5 New Features

By on November 23, 2011
WordPress 3.3 Top 5 New Features

If you have reached to this post, it means you are either a blogger or a WordPress developer and is looking for what is new about WordPress 3.3. Am I right? If not, then what are you doing here? We have a lot of posts for non-bloggersJ.

First thing that will interest you is surely the release date of WordPress 3.3. Well, it is still uncertain, though officially it was scheduled to be in use in late November. Everything depends on how will end up WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 version.

If you want to become a beta tester or just want to play with it, then download WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 and share with us your practice, but meanwhile I’ll open to you the new features of WordPress 3.3.

Here are the major improvements coming in WordPress 3.3:

Media Uploader: One of the coolest new features of WordPress 3.3 is the new drag and drop Media Uploader. Adopting innovative system of Plupload supposes huge improvements such as resize images, drag-n-drop, filter by type and many other cool things. The new Media Uploader has support for HTML5 and Silverlight.

Improved Admin Bar: The new Admin Bar brings with it a few strategic enhancements. There are less links /elements on display thanks to dropdown menus. Darker and bolder shades make it easier to find what you are looking for. On the left side of the bar there is added a WordPress icon, which drops down menu with handful useful links. Instead the search box and appearance menu is moved to the right side. It seems a lot complex by words but in reality the Admin Bar of WordPress 3.3 is more user-friendly.

Fly out Admin Menus: This feature may seem to be a little thing unless you are a person who spends hours in front of the WordPress dashboard. This new feature of WordPress 3.3 will save you mouse clicks: only the active menu is expanded. This makes the dashboard visually not so heavy.

Language Packages: Including Language packs WordPress 3.3 goes for more internationalization. Now you can change the language of WordPress’ interface and plugins by just integrating a language installer. It won’t surely translate your site’s or blog’s content but will translate the back office area: great for those with poor knowledge of English!

Permanent Widgets: Another great thing for me among the new features of WordPress 3.3 is the Permanent Widgets. I’ve suffered a lot in the past trying to change the theme of my blog, every time finding my perfectly organized widgets either confused or disappeared. I’ve even promised myself never try to change the theme again but this feature makes me hopeful. WordPress 3.3 promises that the widgets will remain from one theme to the next, let’s hope that it’ll work correctly.

Here is my top list of among the new features of WordPress 3.3 If you have experience of WordPress 3.3 or have any questions let us know dropping in the comments below.

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